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Train accidents are relatively rare, but when they occur, they often cause serious, life-changing injuries such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and scarring. If you or a loved one have been involved in a train accident, you may be wondering what your next steps should be.

The first step is to seek medical attention for any injuries sustained. Once you have received the necessary medical care, you should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options. A personal injury lawyer can help you recover damages for your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you have lost a loved one in a train accident, a wrongful death attorney can help you pursue compensation for your losses.

Patrick S. Aguirre is a dedicated train accident attorney with experience representing clients in personal injury and wrongful death claims. Mr. Aguirre will thoroughly investigate the accident to determine who was at fault and what damages you are entitled to recover. He will then aggressively negotiate with the insurance companies to reach a fair settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, Mr. Aguirre is prepared to take your case to trial.

Train accidents can be complex, so it is important to have an experienced legal team. The Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre can help. We’ll help you uncover the root cause of the accident—be it train operator error, negligent train or track maintenance, or a motorist on the tracks—and hold all liable parties responsible for your pain and suffering.


Because train accidents typically involve many injured victims, it can sometimes feel like you’re just another face in the crowd. But with Patrick S. Aguirre as your train accident injury attorney, you are guaranteed personal attention every step. He will take the time to get to know you and your case and won’t rest until he has fought for the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Our team is always here to provide a fast and caring response when you need answers to questions, reassurance about the progress of your case, or even just a sympathetic ear as you struggle to adjust to the changes in your life wrought by your injuries. You will never feel like another case when working with our firm.

At the Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre, we understand that being injured in a train accident can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience. You may be facing expensive medical bills, lost wages, and a long road to recovery. We are here to help.

Our team of experienced train accident lawyers will fight for the compensation you deserve. We have a proven track record of success and are committed to getting our clients the best possible results.


After an accident, transit companies or insurance companies may offer to pay victims’ medical bills, perhaps with a bit extra for pain and suffering.

These companies don’t tell you that their offers rarely cover the full extent of an accident victim’s injuries and financial losses.

At the Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre, our personal injury lawyers will not only fight to get you the best possible settlement for your medical bills and other economic losses but also for the pain and suffering you have endured.

The bottom line is that if you’ve been injured in an accident, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side to level the playing field against insurance companies and other large corporations.

The first step is to get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will review your case and explain all your legal options to you. There’s no risk and nothing to lose, so please don’t delay.

It is very important to understand that your compensation in a train accident injury case is by no means limited to your current medical bills. You deserve compensation for how the injury has affected and will continue to affect your life. This may include:

  • Current medical bills
  • Future medical costs related to the injury
  • Home nursing services
  • Lost wages
  • Impairment of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium

As your train accident attorney, we will ensure the transit company is presented with clear and compelling evidence of the injuries and suffering you have experienced so that you can receive compensation appropriate to your specific needs.

In addition to a full and fair financial settlement, we will also seek punitive damages in some cases where the negligence of the transit company was particularly egregious.


At the Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre, our personal injury lawyers have years of experience handling all types of accident cases, including train accidents. We know what it takes to build a strong case and get the compensation you deserve.

Just call 800-572-1252, and we’ll set up a time to discuss your case and help you decide if you would like to pursue a claim with our help. Remember—you can file a claim without financial risk because we only charge a fee if we win your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many potential causes of train accidents, but some of the most common include human error, mechanical failure, bad weather, and track problems. A combination of these factors can sometimes contribute to an accident. For example, human error combined with mechanical failure can lead to derailment. Or, bad weather conditions (like high winds or ice) can make it difficult for a train to stop, leading to a collision. Track problems, such as a gap in the rails or a loose switch, can also cause accidents. In any case, it is important to investigate the specific circumstances of each accident to determine its cause. Train accidents can often be prevented by increasing safety measures and improving communication between train operators and railway officials.

The frequency of train accidents varies depending on the country, railway system, and type of transportation. In the United States, there are about 2,000 train accidents each year. This number has been slowly decreasing over time as safety measures have improved. However, train accidents can still cause significant damage and loss of life. For example, a derailment in Philadelphia in 2015 killed 8 people and injured over 200. In 2013, a train crash in Spain killed 79 people. And in 2016, a train derailment in India killed at least 146 people. These accidents show that train accidents can still have devastating consequences despite safety improvements.

There can be many consequences of a train accident, depending on the severity. Some possible consequences could include injuries or fatalities, damage to the train, and damage to the track. In more severe cases, a train accident could cause a derailment, leading to even more serious consequences.

Many factors can contribute to a train accident, so it is difficult to say who is typically responsible. However, some common causes of train accidents include human error, mechanical failure, and weather conditions. In most cases, multiple parties may be held accountable for an accident.

There are many ways to prevent train accidents, but some of the most important include:

  1. Maintaining a safe speed limit
  2. Following all posted signs and signals
  3. Properly maintaining equipment
  4. Adequately training employees
  5. Implementing safety procedures

If you are involved in a train accident, staying calm and calling for help is important. You should also try to get away from the tracks and any oncoming trains. If you cannot move, cover your head and protect yourself as much as possible. Once help arrives, follow their instructions and do not try to move until you are told it is safe.

You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries if you are injured in a train accident. You may be able to recover damages from the railway company, the train driver, or other parties responsible for the accident. In some cases, you may also be able to file a lawsuit against the government if the accident was caused by a defective track or other negligence on the part of the railway.

If you are involved in a train accident, a lawyer can help you by investigating the accident to determine who is at fault and whether you are entitled to compensation. The lawyer can also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to get you the best possible settlement. If necessary, the lawyer can also file a lawsuit on your behalf.

If you file a lawsuit for a train accident, you can expect to go through the legal process of discovery and pretrial. The discovery process is used to collect evidence and testimony from both sides. This can be done through depositions, interrogatories, and requests for the production of documents. The pretrial phase is when both sides present their case to a judge or jury. This is done through opening statements, witness testimony, and closing arguments. If you win your case, you may be awarded damages. These can include money for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

The time limits for filing a lawsuit will vary depending on the jurisdiction in which the accident occurred. In some cases, a statute of limitations may require a lawsuit to be filed within a certain time after the accident occurred. In other cases, there may be a different time limit that applies. It is important to consult with an attorney to determine the applicable time limits in your case.