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Weapon Charges

Weapon Charges

Weapon Charges

Rely on experienced weapons attorney Patrick S. Aguirre for an aggressive defense to any charge

In this day and age, many people feel they need weapons for their own personal safety. The trouble is, California has some very strict—and very complicated—laws on the books about guns and other weapons. It is easy to run afoul of these laws and get brought up on a weapons charge such as:

  • Possession of an Illegal Weapon
  • Felon with a Firearm
  • Carrying a Concealed Weapon
  • Possession of a Loaded Firearm
  • Illegal Weapon Sales

Any of these weapons charges has the potential to result in significant criminal penalties. However, what you may need to be even more worried about is the possibility of a weapons-related sentencing enhancement on another crime. For example, if you are accused of using a gun in connection with any felony crime, the sentencing enhancements could add up to 10 years to your punishment.

No Case Is Too Difficult for Patrick S. Aguirre

Fortunately, Patrick S. Aguirre and his team are more than equal to the challenges presented by even the most complicated case. Whether you are facing a weapons charge or a sentencing enhancement, you can rely on Attorney Aguirre to leverage his thorough understanding of the law and ample criminal defense experience to protect you from any unfair convictions or unduly harsh penalties.

Now You May Wonder…

…What if I was clearly caught with a weapon? Can an attorney still help?

Yes. There are actually many possible defenses that could apply to an individual caught red-handed with a weapon. For example, maybe the weapon found on your person or in your vehicle or home was not even yours, or maybe the police discovered it through an illegal search and seizure. As your weapons charges defense attorney, Patrick S. Aguirre will explore every possibility.

If the evidence against you is very strong and you want to plead guilty, you still need to consult an attorney. Patrick S. Aguirre has plenty of experience with plea deals and he can help you receive a favorable deal exposing you to the least possible criminal penalty.

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