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Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crimes

When your child’s future is at stake, trust Patrick S. Aguirre as your juvenile defense attorney

If your child has been accused of any type of criminal offense, you are right to be concerned. After all, getting sucked into the criminal justice system can be traumatic for anyone, but especially for a minor.

You may feel at a loss for how to help your child, but fortunately you really just need to do one simple thing:

Call Patrick S. Aguirre for help

Patrick S. Aguirre is a caring and dedicated juvenile defense attorney who is passionate about protecting his young clients’ rights. You can count on Attorney Aguirre to guide you and your child through every step of the juvenile process, providing top-quality legal representation for:

  • The detention hearing (where the minor enters their plea)
  • The jurisdictional hearing (where the case is argued before a judge, not a jury)
  • The disposition hearing (where the sentence is determined in the event of a conviction)

Let Us Fight for Your Child’s Future

At the Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre, we sincerely care about your child’s future. You can trust us to work diligently in and out of court to resolve your child’s case in a way that will have the least possible impact on their future.

Depending on the facts of the case, we may be able to get the case against your child dropped entirely or secure an acquittal in court. However, if the evidence against your child is strong, the best option may be to explore the possibility of a deal with the DA. The juvenile court is geared towards reform rather than punishment, so it is highly likely that we can secure a fair and lenient penalty for your child that will allow them to avoid incarceration and remain in school.

No Juvenile Offense Is Too Big or Too Small for Patrick S. Aguirre

Regardless of the severity of your child’s alleged offense, they deserve top-quality representation from a skilled juvenile defense attorney like Patrick S. Aguirre. Attorney Aguirre can assist with a complete range of juvenile offenses, including:

  • Status offenses like underage drinking, truancy, and curfew violations
  • Delinquency offenses like vandalism, shoplifting, petty theft, assault & battery, and drug crimes
  • Serious violent or sexual offenses with the potential for the minor to be tried as an adult

Remember, no client ever gets a cookie-cutter defense from Patrick S. Aguirre. Instead your child will receive personalized attention and a defense strategy tailored to their specific needs.

Call Now to Learn More

If you would like to learn more about how Patrick S. Aguirre can help as your child’s juvenile defense attorney, please call us at 800-572-1252 now. We are available 24/7 to protect your child.

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