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Gang Crimes

Gang Crimes

Gang Crimes

Accused of a gang crime? Patrick S. Aguirre can provide a personalized defense strategy.

Gang activity can be extremely harmful to individuals and local communities, which is part of the reason that both state and federal law attach serious penalties to gang-related crimes. If you have been accused of committing a crime at the direction of or for the benefit of a gang, chances are your alleged offense is going to be investigated and prosecuted aggressively. Make sure your attorney is fully capable of responding with a strong defense strategy by hiring an experienced gang crime attorney like Patrick S. Aguirre.

Patrick S. Aguirre Can Protect Your Rights

After many years of experience, both in the private practice and as a public defender, Attorney Aguirre has seen many examples of how overzealous police and prosecutors can trample on defendants’ rights and end up securing undeserved convictions and unduly harsh penalties. This means Attorney Aguirre knows exactly what to watch out for when defending your rights. For example, he can:

  • Help you exercise your 5th Amendment rights to avoid self-incrimination
  • Protect you from police coercion during questioning
  • Review evidence to ensure it was collected properly
  • File motions to exclude any illegally obtained evidence

Get a Comprehensive Defense for State or Federal Charges

When individuals are accused of gang crimes, the case typically has two parts:

  • A charge for a criminal offense (such as theft, robbery, drug sales, murder, etc.)
  • A charge and/or a sentencing enhancement for involvement in a gang (under a law such as the California STEP Act or the Federal “Criminal Street Gangs” statute)

Attorney Aguirre can provide a comprehensive defense strategy that addresses both.

Depending on the facts in your case, Attorney Aguirre may be able to uncover evidence that will lead to a dismissal or an acquittal in court. However, if the evidence against you cannot be disproven, Attorney Aguirre won’t give up. If you want to plead guilty, he can help you secure a plea deal that will expose you to the most lenient penalties possible .He can also focus on disproving the prosecution’s claim that you committed the crime on behalf of a gang, which would save you from the additional penalties associated with gang charges and sentencing enhancements.

Attorney Aguirre is experienced in both state and federal criminal defense matters, so he can represent you effectively whether you are charged with a California gang crime or a federal one.

Call Now to Get Attorney Aguirre on Your Side

Don’t wait to get arrested for a gang crime to consult Attorney Aguirre! Even if you are a merely person of interest in a case, contacting a gang crime attorney is a smart move. Your attorney can help manage interactions with the police and perhaps prevent charges from being filed in the first place. To learn more, please contact us at 800-572-1252 and request your free consultation.

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