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Tired of your criminal past following you around? An expungement attorney can help

Having a criminal conviction of any kind on your record can make it difficult to move forward with your life. Even after your debt to society has been paid, employers, landlords, and other individuals who run background checks on you will see your conviction and may view it with prejudice.


…Patrick S. Aguirre may be able to help you clean up your record with an expungement.

What Is an Expungement?

For most practical purposes, an expungement makes your criminal conviction disappear from your record. When asked if you were convicted for the expunged crime, you can honestly answer no, and most parties who run a background check will not be able to see it. However, the expunged crime will be visible to law enforcement and may be used as a prior if you are later convicted of another offense.

Who Is Eligible for Expungement?

The best way to determine if your specific conviction is eligible for expungement is to contact an experienced attorney such as Patrick S. Aguirre. However, in general most misdemeanor convictions and some felonies may be expunged provided that:

  • You were not sentenced to state prison
  • You have completed your sentence, including probation
  • You are not currently facing prosecution or serving probation for any other offense

Assuming you are eligible, Attorney Aguirre will prepare the necessary documents, file them in the appropriate court, and appear with you or for you at your hearing to secure your expungement.

Other Ways Patrick S. Aguirre Can Help

Not sure you qualify for expungement? Don’t worry. Attorney Aguirre can help you explore other possible options for cleaning up your criminal record.

For example, if the issue is that you are still serving probation, he can help you file a motion to get your probation terminated early. Or, if you have a non-qualifying felony on your record, he may be able to help you secure a certificate of rehabilitation or a Governor’s pardon instead of an expungement.

Attorney Aguirre can also assist with measures like sealing juvenile records, sealing arrest records, and de-registry from the sex offender list.

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