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Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse

Protect your rights and reputation in the face of elder abuse allegations with help from Patrick S. Aguirre

Senior citizens are sometimes among the most vulnerable members of society, and they do deserve protection from those who would abuse, mistreat, or take advantage of them. This is exactly why California has such strict elder abuse laws on the books regarding:

  • Physical Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Endangerment
  • Financial Exploitation

If you are convicted of any type of elder abuse, you could face misdemeanor or felony charges and penalties including years in prison and fines reaching thousands of dollars. But that’s not all—even being accused of elder abuse can be harmful to your career if you are a nurse or other professional caregiver, and to your relationships if your case involves alleged abuse of family member.


…You Can Protect Yourself with Help from Patrick S. Aguirre

As an experienced defense attorney, Patrick S. Aguirre can help you fight back against any type of elder abuse charge and secure the most favorable outcome possible under the specific circumstances of your case. The main ways Attorney Aguirre and his team can help include:

  • Preventing charges: If you contact us as soon as you realize you are a suspect in an investigation, we can immediately begin working on your behalf. We may even be able to uncover evidence that will prevent charges from being filed in the first place so that your reputation is not tarnished by a formal allegation of elder abuse.
  • Getting charges dropped: Even if you have already been arrested and charged, we will still carefully investigate the facts of your case to uncover anything that might undermine the prosecution’s case to the point where we can convince them that the case against you should be dismissed.
  • Securing a plea deal: If the evidence against you is strong, we can still help by negotiating with the DA and prosecutor for a favorable plea deal that will expose you to the minimum possible charge and penalty.
  • Defending you at trial: Patrick S. Aguirre is an experienced trial attorney with a 93 percent success rate. He will certainly not shy away from taking your case to court if that is the best strategy for your case. You can rely on him to present a clear and compelling argument for your defense.

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