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DMV Perjury

DMV Perjury

DMV Perjury

Accused of DMV perjury? Trust Patrick S. Aguirre to prepare an aggressive defense

Have you been accused of providing false information to the DMV? This is actually a very serious matter and it is in your best interest to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney like Patrick S. Aguirre ASAP.


Because allegedly lying to the DMV could be charged as a vehicle code violation or a criminal offense. If you are charged under the criminal statute on perjury, you risk a felony conviction, prison time, and thousands of dollars in fines. If you are charged with DMV perjury, however, this vehicle code violation can only result in a misdemeanor conviction and a maximum of 6 months in county jail or $1,000 in fines.

Trust Patrick S. Aguirre to Protect Your Rights and Interests

The first thing Patrick S. Aguirre will do in a DMV perjury case is make sure you are charged appropriately with the lesser crime of DMV perjury. This takes felony charges and prison time off the table and will immediately help you breathe easier.

Next, Attorney Aguirre will review the evidence to see if the prosecution really has a case against you at all. DMV perjury is actually a difficult charge to prove because the prosecution must show that you deliberately provided false information. If Attorney Aguirre can show that you didn’t understand what the DMV form was asking or you made an innocent mistake, this will severely weaken the prosecution’s case. They may even decide to drop the charges against you, but if not, Attorney Aguirre will not be afraid to plead your case in court.

If the prosecution does have strong evidence against you, your DMV perjury attorney can still provide valuable assistance by negotiating for a favorable plea deal. In many cases, DMV perjury cases can be resolved with probation and no jail time.

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