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Assault & Battery

Assault & Battery

Assault & Battery

For an aggressive defense against any assault & battery charge, rely on Patrick S. Aguirre

Though assault & battery are often charged together, they are actually two separate crimes. Fortunately, Patrick S. Aguirre can provide an effective and aggressive defense whether you are accused of attempting to physically harm someone (assault) or actually harming them (battery).

No Case is Too Big or Too Small

You may be surprised to discover that not all assault & battery cases involve knock-down, drag-out fights and serious injuries. In fact, you can face criminal charges for actions as seemingly minor as shoving or spitting.

But remember: no case is too big or too small to merit Patrick S. Aguirre’s expert attention. Because he truly cares about your rights and your future, he will work diligently to protect you from an undeserved conviction or an unfair punishment for any type of charge, such as:

  • Simple Assault
  • Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Simple Battery
  • Battery Causing Serious Injury
  • Battery on a Peace Officer
  • Domestic Battery

Now You Might Wonder…

…What if I acted in self-defense?

Self-defense is indeed a valid defense for assault & battery charges. However, you will almost certainly need an experienced defense attorney to help you prove it. Patrick S. Aguirre is intimately familiar with this defense. He can help investigate your case to see if the following facts can be proven:

  • You reasonably believed there was an imminent danger of bodily harm
  • You reasonably believed that the immediate use of force was necessary to defend against the danger
  • You did not use more force than the situation called for

Depending on what he uncovers, he may be able to convince the DA to drop the charges against you. But even if the DA is obstinate, don’t worry. Patrick S. Aguirre is an excellent trial attorney with a 93 percent success rate and you can trust him to present an effective argument in your case.

What other options are there for my defense?

If self-defense does not apply to your case, Patrick S. Aguirre can certainly help you explore other options. He may be able to get the charges dropped for insufficient evidence, develop an alternative strategy for defending you at trial, or secure a favorable plea deal that exposes you to the least possible penalty.

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