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Armed Robbery

Armed Robbery

Armed Robbery

For a strong defense in state or federal court, trust Patrick S. Aguirre as your armed robbery attorney

Have you been accused of committing a robbery with the aid of a gun, knife, or other weapon? You may find yourself facing charges that carry serious criminal penalties, especially if anyone was hurt during the commission of the crime. You need a serious criminal defense attorney like Patrick S. Aguirre, who sincerely cares about your future and is equipped with the legal knowledge, skills, and experience required to fight effectively for your defense.

Now You May Wonder…

…Will I Be Charged in State or Federal Court?

Armed robbery crimes can always be charged under California law, so long as the prosecution can show that you took property from someone else by violence or intimidation, i.e. by threatening to use a weapon. An example might be mugging someone with a knife. However, armed robbery can also be a federal crime if the robbery targeted any business or person involved in interstate or foreign commerce. For example, armed robbery of a bank is almost always a federal crime, because banks deal with federal currency. Armed robberies that target federal agents or take place on federal property are also highly likely to result in federal charges.

We Can Fight for You in State or Federal Court

At The Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre, we handle state and federal charges for armed robbery. We are permitted to practice in all California courts, including all Federal District Courts. Attorney Aguirre understands both state and federal laws on armed robbery, as well as the predispositions of both state and federal prosecutors. This equips him to advocate effectively for the best possible resolution to your case. Depending on the facts of the matter, this may involve fighting the charges in court or seeking a fair and favorable plea deal. Attorney Aguirre is an experienced litigator with an excellent reputation for success in jury trials, as well as an able negotiator with a long track record of securing advantageous plea deals for his clients. You can trust Attorney Aguirre to do everything in his power to prevent a conviction or at the very least minimize your penalties.

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