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Attorney Profile

Attorney Profile

Attorney Profile


Attorney ProfileAttorney Patrick Aguirre is passionate about pursuing excellence in every criminal defense and personal injury case that he takes. This accomplished lawyer has a 93% rate of success in jury trials. He has kept this impressive percentage throughout thousands of cases, thanks in large part to his dedication to aggressive defense.

Attorney Patrick Aguirre handles all types of criminal defense cases including cybercrimes, sex crimes, theft crimes, murder, white collar crimes, and domestic violence issues. Additionally, he handles a significant number of DUI cases. He has become one of the best DUI attorneys in the Orange County and Los Angeles area.

In the past, Attorney Patrick Aguirre has won cases that other attorneys would not take. When others said that they would not accompany a client to court because his or her situation seemed hopeless, Attorney Patrick Aguirre stepped in and was able to prove that the accused was innocent, misunderstood or overcharged.

While he is willing to take a case to trial when the situation calls for it, Attorney Patrick Aguirre also works hard to negotiate and make settlements outside of the courtroom. Avoiding trial can save time and money for clients, and Attorney Aguirre is not afraid to pursue creative solutions for his clients when appropriate.



Attorney Patrick Aguirre studied at California State University at Fresno and obtained a Bachelor of Science in criminology. He went on to San Joaquin College of Law to obtain a Juris Doctorate degree. After graduation, he was offered a position at the Fresno County Public Defender's Office, working there from 1997 to 2001. Attorney Patrick Aguirre has always been committed to standing out from the crowd and giving his clients the topnotch legal assistance they need. He lost only one case to a "guilty" verdict in the span of three years in Fresno, creating a reputation that is still unmatched in Fresno County.

After three years as a public defender, Attorney Patrick Aguirre chose to open his own practice so that he could better represent clients in Seal Beach, Long Beach and surrounding areas in Orange County and Los Angeles. He started The Law Offices of Patrick S. Aguirre & Associates in 2001 in Seal Beach. In 2013, he moved his California office to Downey. Attorney Aguirre has found his work as a trial lawyer extremely fulfilling as it satisfies his passion for defending clients in need and advocating for their constitutional rights.

When he is not vigilantly defending his clients’ rights, Attorney Patrick Aguirre is typically coaching his children's soccer teams or spending time with his family. He also loves to ski, surf, and play tennis.

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